Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bubbly Bubliy

An article in 'Gazeta po Kievski', by the delightfully named Nataliya Bubliy, [check link to see her photo] quotes a BYuT deputy who is convinced that his party's failure to elect their leader to the PM's post was due to a conspiracy.

During negotiations demands were made on Tymoshenko to yield control of two 'desirable' state structures - the customs service, and 'GosKomZem' [State land registry]. Yesterday a source in BYuT reported that trading over these issues continues. To them has now been added horse-trading over control of the gas transit system, and removal of all middlemen. How this wheeling and dealing turns out will be revealed by who will eventually heads GosKomZem and Naftogaz.

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