Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bad first day at school

Yuliya Tymoshenko failed to gain the 226 votes in the VR required for her to become Prime Minister again. The BYTuT-NUNS coalition only managed to muster 225 - one short. Judging by the expressions on the faces of PoR deputies present, even they were shocked.

It seems that there was a malfunction with one of deputies' voting apparatus...and someone allegedly tampered or stole speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk's voting card too...LEvko knew it would be a hard first day at school for the novice...he should have expected a drawing pin on his chair..

Headmaster Yushchenko, and head-girl Tymoshenko should have warned him...they have had many nasty experiences with the naughty PoR boys and girls before..

Still, the whole routine may be repeated in a day or two's time..


Joking aside, a PoR deputy, Vladislav Lukyanov, has admitted removing Yatsenyuk's voting card at a critical moment.

Preventing a fellow deputy from casting his vote in this manner is a grave matter. The man should be kicked out of the VR.

That place is a den of thieves with its fair shair of extortionists, blackmailers, swindlers, and worse, many of whom colluded in the attemped presidential election steal in 2004..Yatsenyuk should really have had a 'minder' looking over him.

The second vote, on a point of order, should have not take place until all of the boys and girls were back in their places and order restored.. Every experience teacher knows: keep your back to the wall, and never let a pupil creep up behind you..Yatsenyuk will learn..

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