Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hot cars in Kyiv

'Russia Today' have quite a good video story [in English] here on the whole Yatsenyuk 'middle-finger' road-rage affair.

The deputy head of Ukraine's task police road force [DAI] 'Cobra', Oleksiy Kozha, who it was that allegedly gave Yatsenyuk the 'one finger salute', was driving an impressive Porsche Cayenne at the time of the incident. Of course, he claims the car didn't belong to him, [no, no, no, what a silly idea] but to a 'close friend from Donetsk' who cannot come to Kyiv often in the car, so the right to drive the vehicle had just been 'temporarily' transferred to him.

Former transport minister Mykola Rudkovsky, who has also been in "hot water" lately, drives around in an Aston Martin, but has also claimed he doesn't own the exotic sports car.

And president Yushchenko's son Andriy, didn't own the $100k BMW M6 in which he used to 'bomb' around Kyiv with his friends a couple of years ago either.

Strange how often, and how easily, such exotic machinery is 'just borrowed from a friend', in Kyiv, isn't it?

If I were Andriy, I would stick to a LADA 'Semyorka' for a while, until the DAIshchyky calm down a bit. They won't be too happy for dad upsetting the road police right now.

LEvko thinks there is something 'fishy' about the whole incident...all too much of a co-incidence. And if Yatsenyuk had a complaint about Kozha, why didn't he go through the proper channels in the Ministry of Interior Affairs? Maybe the MIA head, Yuriy Lutsenko just told him: "Get outta here kid.."

Oh...there isn't anyone out there who could lend me their Audi TT roadster, or Jaguar sports car is there? I promise I'll look after it, honest..Don't hesitate to get in touch..


On a more serious note, check out this piece from the English language version of the Russian "Kommersant"

It concludes:

"Tymoshenko’s political future is obvious. Anyway, she will be, in this or that form or in this or that position, the strongest player of Ukraine’s political game. Her political line will hardly be inclined towards the West or towards Russia. I believe the pro-Ukraine character of her platform will make Tymoshenko find the golden mean among complicated geopolitical landmarks. That is what makes her quite predictable and understandable. I think that many in Russia’s political establishment and large business already understand it, which will help build normal working relations with Tymoshenko."

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Anonymous said...

Ukraine Kyiv: Thursday February 30

In a seperate incidence not directly related to the article

A Foreign National was short in apparent road rage incident 10KM outside of Kyiv on a main highway has been hospitalised and is in a stable condition with bullet wounds to the left leg.

The incident which involved a black 4WD vehicle occurred at 10PM on Thursday night. The foreign national was overtaking truck on the highway when a speeding 4WD vehicle from behind flashed his head lights. Having overtaken both the truck the foreign national's vehicle began to slow down swerving across the road and eventually forcing the foreign national vehicle to stop in the middle of the road. The Foreign National approached the diver for the black 4WD who later produced a pistol and shot the him twice in the leg with 9mm plastic bullets.

The victim of the shooting was later taken to hospital in an ambulance and operated on to remove the plastic bullets which had been embedded in his left leg. The victim is in a stable condition ad his consulate has been notified. Police are investigating the incident