Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tymoshenko in Brussels

It was clear by Tymoshenko's demeanour throughout her recent visit to Brussels that [as most seasoned observers privately already know] she is personally 'lukewarm' on the idea of Ukraine joining NATO any time soon. 'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya' provides details:

Her basic message at all her meetings in Brussels were: The NATO question is most sensitive for Ukraine - it causes major complications in internal politics and divides Ukrainian society. Therefore the deepening of relations with NATO must take place not in a revolutionary, but in an evolutionary, step-by-step manner. And at the present stage it is necessary to conduct multi-sided public discussions on the participation of the country in collective defence systems, and also to promulgate a broad information campaign on NATO.

But Tymosenko never expressed her own personal opinion in these matters in Brussels. Even in the European Parliament she avoided answering a question whether she would take part in this public discussion and explain that entry into NATO would be in the country's interests.

"Dzerkalo Tyzhnya" suggests she will not do so, because this not in her own political interests. As for her step-by-step approach then the first step would be toward Moscow, where she is to go in three weeks to fight for the elimination of the gas middlemen. The second step is toward PoR, whose support may soon be required in her fight with the President. And the third step could be towards the electoral east, whose sympathies will be necessary for the realization of her central objective...[the presidency of Ukraine]

President Yushchenko must now use all of his power to try and correct the situation, particularly with the aid of the current of Head of the White House.

p.s. Maybe 'DzT' [which tends to be pro-NATO] will run the story in English soon.

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