Saturday, March 01, 2008

Franchuk's muckheap

'Fokus' magazine has published a 'Top 130 richest Ukrainians' list in its latest edition. Three women are included, but none of the three, sadly, is former president Kuchma's daughter, Olena Franchuk.

By coincidence there are reports that a Ukrainian businesswoman has just bought the world's most expensive home in London for £80m.

A local blogger who provides photos and inside info, thinks there could be something fishy about the price of this muckheap.

The house includes a 'panic room' - could come in useful in the unlikely event of a severe "bout of conscience" attack.

Tomorrow [Saturday] Party of Regions are holding a party congress in the Ice Palace in Severodonetsk. 'Kommentarii' considers there is a possibility it may turn into a meeting of the Viktor Yanukovych wing of the party, which may finally formalize the split in the "Regionaly".

The congress agenda covers five themes: breaches in the right for local and regional self-governance; breaches in the rights of Russophone citizens of Ukraine; falsification and revision in the [evaluation] of Ukraine's history; the non aligned status of the country, proclaimed when the Ukrainian state was established, and its relations with NATO; and the role of the canonical Orthodox church in the life of society.

A Serbian delegation is scheduled to attend.

"Despite clearly expressed hints of separatism and probable angry speeches by participants, the second Severodonetsk congress, in contrast to the first [which took place at the height of the orange revolution], will hardly have serious consequences in the plans to threaten the division of the country," predicts 'Kommentarii'.

"Then Severodonetsk congress has every chance to provide documentary confirmation of the fact of division in the PoR camp...A declaration to "meet with the voters" on 1st March in the Ice palace has been signed by only 120 of 175 PoR VR deputies. They are precisely those "regionaly", which nowadays are oriented toward Yanukovych.

Rinat Akhmetov had intended to attend tomorrow, but will probably give it a miss because he has been taken ill with flu. Maybe he caught it off Yulia Tymoshenko...could be the same nasty diplomatic strain of the disease..

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