Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tymoshenko playing high risk politics game

PM Yulia Tymoshenko is continuing her political blitzkrieg in a high risk drive to topple the disgraceful Leonid Chernovetskiy. His presence in the mayor's office of Ukraine's capital is an embarassment that would not be tolerated in any normal European democracy.

I've loosely paraphrased portions of an article in 'Korrespondent' below:

The question of early mayoral elections in Kyiv may precipitate a parliamentary crisis in Ukraine.

According to BYuT VR deputy Mikhaylo Pozhivanov, if NUNS does not support a decision to stage re-elections in Kyiv, BYuT will no longer consider themselves obliged to vote for policies that were included in the BYuT/NUNS coalition agreement, but were not part of BYuT's pre-election program.

Tomorrow [Tuesday] BYuT will insist that Leonid Chernovetskiy's resignation from the post of the mayor of Kyiv is the first point on the agenda, says Pozhivanov.

According to the "nardep", this is a litmus test. If the NUNS fraction does not support BYuT in the course of voting, this will be considered as non fulfillment of coalition obligations by NUNS.

"It removes from BYuT all responsibility on voting for subsequent legislative acts and those items not in the program BYuT", noted Pozhivanov. In such a case one can talk of the beginning of the real crisis in the parliament.

Presidential secretariat head Viktor Baloha has stated that the intentions of BYuT will have extremely serious consequences for the political situation in the country. Party of Regions consider them additional proof of the fact that the Orange Coalition is guided not by law and constitution, but by political expediency.

VR chairman Arseniy Yatsenyuk severely criticized the BYuT fraction for its statements about the possible non participation in the Parliamentary sitting scheduled for 18th March, but did not exclude the possibility that...tomorrow parliament could examine the question of re-elections in Kyiv.

A good explanation in 'Ukrainska Pravda' here why BYuT are insisting this man goes, even though the letter of current constitutional law is not being adhered to by them in their attempt to get rid of him.

LEvko wonders, is it worth risking so much for this ****bag.

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