Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Russia-Ukraine gas deal collapsed over RUE?

Authorative blogger Steve LeVine claims that Russia and Ukraine may have been close to clinching a deal over gas, but it all fell through over RUE.


President Yushchenko's official website has revealed that today he spoke over the telephone to his Russian counterpart, Dmitriy Medvedyev. He appealed to the Russian side to renew deliveries of gas for European consumers immediately, and assured Medvedyev that Ukraine would do everything necessary to ensure the gas is delivered in full.

He underlined Ukraine is only consuming its own gas, either domestically extracted, or stored in its own reservoirs, and called upon the Russians to return to constructive dialogue for open and transparent negotiations in the presence of EU representatives.

A Ukrainian delegation headed by state company 'NaftoHaz Ukrainy' chief Oleh Dubyna has departed for Moscow and Brussels for talks. But will they cut out the RUE "shakher-makher"?

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elmer said...

This is supposed to be a simple business deal.

Not so in roosha.

This Times article points out how roosha has used oil and gas - as a political weapon. And how it uses corruption - e.g., coopting former German chancellor to be on the board of a rooshan company.

It's not just ROSUKRENERGO - it is also political weaponry, and the desire of rooskie sovoks to dominate the world.