Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yanuk could leave Ukraine wandering in the wilderness

Steven Pifer, in an excellent article describes a means of resoving the Tymoshenko problem:

"Does Yanukovych now get it? Maybe. His answer to the Tymoshenko question [at the Yalta European Strategy conference] - which was carefully worded and most likely thought through in advance - opened a door to a possible solution by noting that the Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) will examine certain provisions of the criminal code and may decide to remove them. Rada deputies have already proposed dropping the law that is the basis for the charges against Tymoshenko.

This could offer an elegant way out of the mess. If the Rada removes the relevant provision from the criminal code, it would eliminate the grounds for the Tymoshenko trial. Ukrainian analysts and Western diplomats at the Yalta conference expressed some optimism that the door to a solution might now be open—though one skeptic observed that the door had opened to a long corridor. All politics in Ukraine are transactional.

Tymoshenko’s release certainly would not erase all the Western concerns about democratic backsliding. Indeed, EU officials make clear that she must be freed and also allowed to participate in politics, including running in future elections..."

The body language of the government's mouthpieces on ICTV's 'Svoboda Slova', where the topic of decriminalisation of economic crimes [to solve the Tymoshenko problem] were under discussion, revealed their discomfort at having to eat humble pie. Their attempts to place the blame on deficiencies in the country's current laws was unconvincing.

An astonishing statement was made by Presidential Adviser Hanna Herman. She claimed Tymoshenko's arrest, which took place when Yanukovych was on vacation, was not only wrong, but was also an act of sabotage intended to discredit the president, carried out by someone whom she "would strangle with her own hands"...

'Kommentarii' suggests this may be an indication that members of Yanukovych's inner circle are beginning to plot against one another. Herman has had to take the flak for the plagiarism fiasco surrounding the book 'wot Yanukovych rote' - perhaps one of his inner circle was responsible for exposing Herman as the book's instigator. It could be she did not travel to New York with the president this week, as punishment.

[According to Kommentarii it may have well been First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin, who 'screwed up' on Tymoshenko. For successfully 'putting her away', the black-hearted Kuzmin was seeking promotion as head of the Ukrainian Security Service - the SBU].

Sonya Koshkina in 'L.B' claims:
"The European integration of Ukraine, and with it the entire future of the country as a whole, is under massive question ." This is the biggest and most depressing conclusion of the eighth of Yalta European Strategy conference.

She concludes by saying Europeans have finally understood that key decisions in the country are being made by one person, the president, and that public opinion and the position of the elites are irrelevant to that man. PoR's oligarchs are willing to go along with Yanukovych's decisions, whatever they are, and are probably frightened that he may wish to become as wealthy as they are..

Yanukovych does not really understand why Ukraine should be in Europe. He could have been the Moses who leads Ukraine to the promised land of the EU, but his chance for a place in the history books could be blown for reasons of political revenge and personal greed.


elmer said...

On that same page that you link to - "Svoboda Slova" Freedom of Speech ----------

If anyone has any doubt about the fact that Ukraine has a stalinist show trial system, this will eliminate all doubt.

Go to this page:

Watch the clip where Yatseniuk talks about the statute under which Tymo and Lustenko and 10 other former officials are being persecuted.

Literally, the translation is:

"exceeding the government or official powers, with heavy consequences"

Oliynik and the Party of Rats/Looters have already admitted that it dates back to a sovok 1961-52 criminal code.

But as Yatseniuk points out ----


The sovok mafia Party of Rats keep insisting that they are so very proud of their "reforms."

What does that statute mean?

It is vague - it can mean anything that sovok mafia want it to mean.

In other countries, such a statute would be unconstitutional due to vagueness.

Such a statute would never be enacted, because it doesn't tell anyone what the crime is, it doesn't tell anyone what acts are forbidden, it has no specificity.

The sovok mafia like vague statutes just fine - they come in useful for persecuting political opponents.

elmer said...

Sorry, that should be 1927

Ukraine's stalinist show trial system

elmer said...

correction - that should be 1927

But it's still a stalinist system