Friday, September 09, 2011

Yatsenyuk's 'Front Zmin' having its balls sqeezed too...

Arseniy Yatsenyuk's 'Front Zmin' reports the head of their Donetsk oblast organisation, Oleksandr Yaroshenko, was arrested late Wednesday night in Kyiv. They claim he has been taken by automobile to Donetsk, but no-one has been able to contact him.

The party says the arrest took place immediately after a visit by Yatsenyuk to the Donetsk oblast where he 'severely criticised the actions of the president, govermnent, and city council'.

Yaroshenko is the head doctor in dermatology clinic in Mariupol and over the last few years has set up several diagnostic medical centres in Ukraine, so sounds like a 'regular guy'.

Neither the Kyiv police nor the Ukrainian Security Service, SBU, seem to know anything about Yaroshenko's arrest..

If Yulia Tymoshenko is found guilty and sentenced to a prison 'stretch', as most observers predict , Yatsenyuk, whether he likes it or not, will become 'leader of the opposition' and a most realistic challenger to Yanukovych..

The authoritative 'Kommentarii' weekly considers this shady Yaroshenko business to be part of a co-ordinated campaign, already underway, intended to frighten off Donetsk businessmen who may be sympathetic to 'Front Zmin'.

Yatsenyuk's party have been landing some heavy political blows in the region lately, and 'Kommentarii' suggest that if it were not for his immunity from prosecution provided by his parliamentary deputy status, young Arseniy may have been in the same 'hot water' as Tymoshenko already..

Loosely paraphrasing 'Kommentarii's' conclusions:

..many of the rich 'Frontovyky' [in the Donetsk area] are now encountering problems with enviable regularity to make them realise that it makes not the slightest sense to financially support 'Front Zmin'.. to 'lean on them', but if they persist, [to let them know] their businesses can be taken off them. The [biggest] threat the authorities' tactics pose to Yatsenyuk himself right now is loss of financing... forcing him to consider seeking a"roof" provided by one of the Party of Regions' oligarchs and becoming a PoR-operated glove-puppet opposition [leader].

In other words: 'Front Zmin' are being "made an offer they cannot refuse" who said that?
Two of Yanukovych's biggest rivals, Tymoshenko and Lutsenko, are behind bars.. A third majpr party led by a potential future president, Tihipko's 'Strong Ukraine', has recently 'melded' with PoR. Now Yatsenyuk is being gotta admire these guys...straight out of Mario Puzo..

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elmer said...

The obvious difference between Mario Puzo's book, "The Godfather," and what is happening in Ukraine is -

In "The Godfather," the mafia was operating outside of the government, and was subject to being stopped by the police and judicial system, despite the best efforts of the mafia to bribe judges and legislators.

In Ukraine, the sovok mafia IS the government.

Who is going to stop them?

I know you said it tongue in cheek, but there is absolutely nothing admirable here.

These sovok mafia sharks have been making calculations from 20 years ago. Every second of the day, they are playing chess.

There is nothing good about them. They have no heart, they have no soul, no conscience, no nothing.