Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Corruption at the borders

I recommend this article from the London 'Guardian'

"Odessa's 7km bazaar has its own language of globalisationThe vast Ukrainian market operates as a law unto itself, with stallholders from all over the world dealing mostly in counterfeit goods of every description"

The country's customs service and their control of imports is a huge milch-cow for Ukraine's political/criminal clans. President Yanukovych has personally distributed the entire system of import among the three influential groups. The first of these is headed by Chairman of State Customs Service of Ukraine Ihor Kaletnik, the second by Yanukovych's grey cardinal, Yuriy Ivanyuschenko, [about whom I have blogged previously]  and the third by former head of the State Security Service, now first vice-PM, Valeriy Khoroshkovsky.

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