Thursday, August 02, 2012

Party of Regions' election list dirty as ever

According to the respected 'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya' over half of the deputies in the last parliamentary convocation systematically truanted sittings. At one time or another over 90% of all deputies handed over their voting cards to other party members allowing anti-constitutional absentee voting to take place. Over 80% failed to provide proper income declarations. Over one half were allegedly linked to corrupt activities. Broadly speaking, Party of Regions' deputies were twice as culpable as those of BYuT.

PoR recently published its list of election candidates for this autumn's parliamentary elections. It is a joke - packed with family members of the Donetsk clan. Many on the list have been in parliament previously but hardly ever attended any parliamentary session - their contribution virtually zero. Others only turned up when the party's leadership required their presence to physically 'rough up' or assault opposition deputies.

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Pledges by opposition parties that their deputies will do away with absentee voting and always attend pleniary sessions to vote in person will gain them many votes.

p.s. I can recommend this London 'Daily Telegraph' article entitled: "President Vladimir Putin’s cruel tyranny is driven by paranoia".

Putin is Yanukovych's role model - there are certainly many parallels.

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Anonymous said...

Another reason to reform the Parliamnet,remove presidmetial authority and establish a truly democratic and representative parliamentary model. the current two teired MMP system where half of the Parliamnet is elected proportionally and the other haf by single member constituencies will not deliver good Government.

Ukrine would be better off adopting a single house multiple local local electorates with members of Parliament elected by a system of proportional preferential representation on a quota of 10%.

The adoption of the Westminster system where executive Government is elected from and by the Parliamenet would also ensure that the Givernment is held accountable on a daily basis and that members of Parliament take their representative roles seriously.