Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kolomoysky shows the way [Updated]

From Oleksand Chernenko's Facebook:

 "The number of yellow and blue flags in Dnipropetrovsk, on automobiles, buildings, advertisements is impressive.

In closed questionaires support for Ihor Kolomoysky in the city is 77%.."

Kolomoysky was recently appointed head of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast administration.

He is a Ukrainian-Israeli business oligarch of Jewish descent,  one of top two or three richest men in Ukraine, owner of Privat Bank...etc. etc.

Here's a photo of Kolomoysky in a tee shirt. On it is imprinted a seven-branched candlestick that also resembles a Ukrainian trident symbol.

Under is is written 'ZhydoBandera...'

There have been no Crimea, Luhansk, Kharkiv-like disturbances  in his city...

The man is a hero...and has a sense of humour...deserves respect...

Read this from 'NYT':
"Mr. Kolomoysky, a Russian speaker who has both Israeli and Ukrainian passports, scoffed at the Kremlin’s pledges to protect Jews, Russian-speakers and other minorities. “We can protect ourselves. We don’t need any protection from Russia,” he said. “There is no fascism here. It does not exist.”
Anti-Semitism is experienced in daily life, he said, but gets no support or encouragement from the state, unlike in Russia, where the security services have tolerated and at times nurtured neo-Nazi nationalist groups with openly anti-Semitic agendas." 

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