Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Why EuroMaidan arose

EuroMaidan sprung up not because of some fascist or 'western-inspired' plot.

It arose spontaneously because of the bitter disappointment, the loss of hope, felt by millions of Ukrainians, particularly the young, when Yanukovych turned away from signing the Association Agreement with Europe. It grew because of Yanukovych's brutal treatment of student demonstrators and his pig-headed ignorance of their, at first, most modest demands.

Ukraine's western vector had been declared for years previously, by all of Ukraine's former presidents. The AA would have been just a small, but significant step in that direction.

It arose because of the brazen stealing by Yanukovych and his Donetsk mafia pals, worthy of the most despicable African dictators, [as described in this detailed English language article], and the total arrogance and impunity of law enforcement officials and judiciary under the control of Yanukovych, that accompanied it. Everyone was sick to the back teeth of it.

Poroshenko and Tymoshenko will now both run on a solid, pro-EU ticket in  May's presidential elections. The votes they will together garner will confirm the direction in which most Ukrainians continue to strive...where their future lies...


Anonymous said...

A slight lie aka absolute codswallop

elmer said...

I see that the Kremlinoid troll control center has decided to attack your blog

and it is one of the Kremlinoid typical lies - "nazis, banderovtsi, fascists, CIA, gays" and other favorite Kremlinoid boogey men - take your pick

The Kremlinoid are afraid of all ghosts, it seems, even when they don't exist

LEvko said...

I can assure 'Anonymous' that very many, if not most Ukrainians who have benefited from US NGO funding have been civil servants employed by Ukrainian state institutions, city councils etc. Recipients have even included many highly-placed Party of Regions party officials.

Even Putin's hate monger-in-chief Dmitry Kiselyov, has benefited from US generosity..

Orwellian propaganda, such as that churned out by the odious Kiselyov, has long since been discredited.

A fair-minded article on where US Foreign Aid goes in Ukraine can be read here: