Sunday, June 22, 2014

DPR has little support in Donetsk

A good indicator of the degree of support for the Donetsk People's Republic was provided by the attendance in the central square of Donetsk city today at an anti-Ukrainian meeting addressed by the leaders of the DPR.

More photos here

The fact that political, business and industrial elites of Donbas permitted such a tiny group of rabble that is the DNP to take over their oblast so easily leads to only one conclusion - they were acting at the behest of these elite groups.

There are many eyewitness reports of law enforcement officials co-operating or turning turning a blind eye to what was going on.

This photograph was taken today
Three policemen stand idly by as an armed man walks/manhandles a handcuffed prisoner in a most professional manner to who knows where [to be held hostage for ransom?]. The armed man has no markings on his military fatigues.

The DNP is a stillborn project. Its backers are now only concerned with detachment from this fiasco...hence the pathetic turn-out. The violence from separatists is the work of the Kremlin.

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