Friday, April 24, 2015

Putin's right hand man oversaw Euromaidan crisis?

Highly respected journalist Sonya Koshkina reveals in the massive involvement of Russian agencies, and in particular that of Vladislav Surkov, [who some call 'Putin's Rasputin  and 'The Hidden Author of Putinism'], in the Euromaidan crisis.

Below are two excerpts from her article:

"During the winter of 2013/14 groups of Russian FSB and Russian Interior Ministry operatives visited Kyiv on three occasions.

First time from 13 to 15 December - this was the largest group - twenty seven people in total. The second time was from 26 to 29 January - six people. And the third time - from 20 to 21 February - seven people.

Each time theses "guests" appeared just after peaks in the confrontation.

In December it followed attempts to disperse [Euromaidan] protesters on 10th and 11th of that month.

In January after the collapse of the state of emergency.

And in February after the massacre on the 18th, and on the day of the mass shootings at Instytutska.....

From the summer of 2013 until the end of the winter of 2014 the following visits were recorded:

Mid August 2013 - Vladislav Surkov in Kyiv. August 13-14 - in Crimea;

13-15 December - group of representatives of the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Kyiv;

20-21 January 2014 - Vladislav Surkov in Kyiv. at the height of preparations for the introduction of a state of emergency;

January 26-29 - second visit of the siloviki group;

January 31 - February 1 - Surkov, Russian presidential adviser Rapoport, Chesnakov, Pavlov in Kyiv on Bankova Street [Ukr president's admin];

February 11-12 - Surkov and Rapoport in Donetsk and Crimea;

February 14-15. Surkov again in Kyiv;

February 20-21, Surkov, FSB General Beseda, and siloviki in Kyiv. Russian ambassador Zurabov and official RF representative Lukin  visited Bankova on 21st;

On the morning of the 27th the siloviki arrive at Simferopol airport.

Koshkina also reveals how Russia supplied Ukrainian law enforcement agencies with thousands of stun grenades and other lethal equipment and weaponry.

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