Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where the fascists are..

If you have a spare hour check out this deeply scary BBC documentary [first of three]....and worry:

[Also on YouTube here]

"Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia - 1. Far Right & Proud

In the first of three programmes revealing the extreme side of Russia, Reggie Yates travels to Moscow to get close and personal with some of the country's far-right nationalists."

The people whom he meets are the same ones described in this recent revealing description of the current situation in Donbas - "Russia has found a great way to use the situation [in the Donbas] to its own advantage. It sends those which pose a threat to itself - all the radical, marginal political organizations in Russia - they are clearly anti-government, anti-Kremlin. 

Kremlin with a light heart opens up a pathway for them to Donbas. They are told: you have two choices - either you are going to jail for a long time, or you go out there and are not coming back. And we'll let you go with  weapons , with anything you need. The main thing is do not come back.

A great many such people realize their ambitions, desires and political ideas in the Donbas..."

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