Monday, May 22, 2006

Tymoshenko's support in Eastern Ukraine

In the March 26th Ukrainian Parliamentary elections, the final declared results in the Donetsk Region were PRU 74%, Vitrenko bloc 7%, Socialists 4%, Communists 3%. BYuT 2.4% NSNU 1.4%

A recent OP, published on the 'Novosti Donetska' website, reveals that now, two months after polling, almost 20% of Donetsk oblast residents would be ready to support Tymoshenko as PM. Interesting..

Of the Orange leaders, she would be the most acceptable to those in the eastern Ukraine, if their man Yanukovych were not to be PM.

ByuT had complained that there had been some shady arithmetic during the ballot counts following the March elections, in the Easternmost oblasts.

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