Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ukrainians favour Orange Coalition

Almost 40% of Ukrainians support an 'orange' coalition, according to an OP conducted by the Razumkov Center. Amongst the residents of Western and Central regions, the figure is over 50%.

Residents in Eastern Ukraine favour a PR-NSNU coalition. Of all Ukrainians questioned, 17.4% support this arrangement, and 13.2% support a grand coalition. The latter figure is interesting, and possibly indicates BYuT's rising popularity in the east.

Almost a quarter did not express a preference.

Almost 55% of those questioned consider there was no hindrance to their casting their vote. Almost 10% claim there were significant obstacles

These results are broadly in line with previous OP's where fewer respondents failed to express a preference.

In the March Parliamentary elections, PR received 32%, BYuT 22%, NSNU 14%, Socialists 6%, and Communists just over 3%, of votes cast.

Tomorrow is 'first day at school' for many of the newly-elected deputies.

"The Ukrainian parliament gathers for its inaugural session on May 25. President Viktor Yushchenko is expected to attend the session and make a speech. Under the amended Ukrainian Constitution that took effect on January 1, 2006, the president has the right to dissolve parliament if it fails to form a majority within 30 days after its first sitting or to form a new cabinet within 60 days after the dismissal or resignation of the previous one."


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