Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Everything in the garden is rosy..

A couple of quotes from 'Emerging Ukraine 2006' from the Oxford Business Group:

"After a year of significant change, Ukraine continues to be an attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). The Orange revolution put the country in the international spotlight and has now carried a broad coalition into parliament. Despite upheaval, the country’s fundamental dynamics remain robust, as the country continues to advance from a low economic base. The improving business environment and the potential for World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership have further attracted attention from investors.

..despite the current political stalemate between the blue and orange parties, the medium-term political outlook for Ukraine looks relatively bright. With no more elections scheduled until the presidential election in 2009, Ukraine can enter a period of reforms and growth, apply for World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership and become more integrated in the global economy, leaving behind 15 years of underachievement"

ps the 'wilderness of mirrors' operation on the Yerokhin case has begun in the media.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have whatever the author of the following is having,
"Ukraine can enter a period of reforms and growth..." Did the author speak to Azarov? or heard Azarov speak? or anyone from PoR?
The author is speculating and crystal ball gazing - lousy analytics. But let's face it, for business investors the key is STABILITY (does not matter if free or repressive). So for them, unlike her followers, Tymoshenko is a live wire not a hope for a better future. I wonder if there will be a reversal in the Western press and the "princess" will be dethroned.