Thursday, November 09, 2006


Curious article in today's 'Donbass' newspaper entitled:

"Is a revolution being preparing in Donetsk?"

The leader of the Committee of Voters of Donbass [K.I.D. - website here ], Aleksandr Khryakov, told journalists that he considers that, "An Orange Revolution #2," is being prepared in Donetsk.

He says he has information that western funds are financing numerous public organizations of a nationalist character, which are now very active in Donbas, adding there are precisely 270 of them. According to Khryakov, this process is proceeding with the support of the Donetsk city council, and also with the support of the city's Head Administration for Community Links, Maxim Rovinskiy.

"The nationalistic forces, beginning with the World Forum of Ukrainians, and also from the diaspora, will soon start an investment project to introduce into the economic field of the Ukraine a network of the public organizations, directed primarily for the purpose of "splitting the the electoral field of Donbass," asserts the KID leader. The headquarters of these organizations, in the opinion of Khryakov, are in Brussels, Warsaw, L'viv, Kyiv and Donetsk. These organizations will now conduct a "brutal battle for the power" in Ukraine.

He mentions" numerous flows of money, into Donets region, directed toward work with the young people, seminars in forests etc.

When 'Donbass' correspondents asked Maxim Rovinskiy to comment on Kryakov's statements, he replied: "This charge would even be flattering to me if it was made by someone other than Kryakov."

The Donetsk mayor Aleksandr Luk'yanchenko called these charges fantasies. "Probably, such fantasies came to mind to Mr. Khryakov on the second anniversary of the Orange Revolution," he said.

OK, not much of a story, but if but if protests against swingeing increases in housing and utility charges occur, then we know who will be blamed.

The Novosti.dn website posts a riposte from Denis Tkachenko - founder of the ngo.donetsk site [Maybe there's something in it after all..]

"If a baboon has a red 'zadnitsa', this does not necessarily mean, that it is in a revolutionary frame of mind."- V. Shenderovich

Also worthy of attention is a brief interview in 'Expres'with Hennadiy Udovenko - senior Ukrainian diplomat even in the days of the Soviet Union, a former Ukrainian foreign minister and UN ambassador, and now an NSNU VR deputy, who says,

"Russian capital will pulverise the 'Donetski'"

"Russian capital today has very powerful forces in Ukraine. The Yanukovych government is creating advnatageous conditions for a massive offensive of this capital in Ukraine.
Having gained control in Ukraine, Russian capital will destroy both Ukrainian oligarchs, and those who aspire to them. This powerful force will not indulge any opposition.
It is very strange that the ruling circles in power are striving as quickly as possible to enter the Single Economic Space. Donetsk capital has certain positions in Ukraine, but Russian capital is already stepping on its heels. Anti-Ukrainians and anti-state forces are activating their actions, taking advantage of their influence in parliament, and exploiting anti-Nato, and pro-Russian attitudes in the government.

What surprises me is the short-sightedness of the 'Regiony': if tomorrow Russian capital comes into Ukraine, they'll be pulverised! They don't realise that it is the independence of Ukraine has secured their businesses, and that they should continue on this independent path...Taking into account the substance of Russian capital and its endeavour to become the ruling power in Ukraine, the authorities should give this matter serious thought before giving this capital the 'green light'.

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