Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bombshells in war between Tymo and Yush

The war of words and tension between president Yushchenko and prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has just been ratcheted up significantly, yet again.

In the past, whenever Tymoshenko was asked the inevitable question: would she be standing for president in the 2009/10 presidential election campaign, she would always give a non committal: 'Let's wait and see' reply.

But in Brussels yesterday she said: "If our co-operation with Viktor Andriyevych Yushchenko will be harmonious, balanced, if a unified common approach to the solution of problems can be demonstrated, then there is no sense putting forward two candidates from the democratic coalition. In that case, in my limitless love for Ukraine, I can support Viktor Andriyevych Yushchenko once more. But I would want this to be a two-way street."
Quite an innocuous statement, it would seem.

But no. The response from the president's secretariat has been swift, brutal, and 'way over the top'.

Viktor Baloha, head of the secretariat has issued a statement posted on the official presidential secretariat's website: "Declaration on support for Viktor Yushchenko in the next presidential elections may be explained by their authors' attempts to gain political gravitas for themselves - Viktor Baloha"

"The leader of the presidential secretariat of the president of Ukraine Viktor Baloha has called all kinds of expressions on possible support for Viktor Yushchenko in the next presidential elections, in event of him carrying out a series of preconditions, as being "without reason" and "excessively self-confident".

In Baloha's opinion, such declarations are an indication of an electoral false start by political forces..or they mean their authors are attempting to gain political weight by putting themselves on the same platform as the Head of State. Two years before the election someone wants to play on electoral strings... similar declarations can be spoken of in the context of the well-known axiom that a true statesman cares about the interest of his country, but a politician is bothered only about the next elections.

The determination of V. Yushchenko to counteract attempts to reanimate political corruption in the higher echelons of the authorities...are met with deaf resistance by those whose corporate interest do not coincide with notions of 'law', 'honesty', 'morals', and 'responsibility'. For this reason the naphthalene idea of impeachment has been resurrected....It cannot be excluded that in order to resist the president, the most unexpected political configurations and unions are possible."

There is more of this agitprop 'drivel' there too.

LEvko says there's no knowing where this childish Punch and Judy show will lead...and there is no one to bang people's heads together..

p.s. A brief interview with Tymoshenko on Euronews here


Anonymous said...

I think that the following is Tymo's tomahack. And a hefty one it is indeed. :)

Tymoshenko ready to collaborate with Party of Regions

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is ready to collaborate with the Party of Regions only as with an oppositional political force.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the Prime Minister disclosed this to journalists today, after “Power and Business Are Partners” All-Ukrainian Forum today.

The Prime Minister claimed that she has always been consistent in her actions. “I, being the chief of the government and the block [eponymous political block - UNIAN], will collaborate with the Party of Regions as power and opposition”, Yulia Tymoshenko said.

Anonymous said...

"My limitless love for Ukraine" - does the Lady not protest a tad too much?

Anonymous said...

is it realy such a tomahawk? only on the really dubious assumption that the POR will be united in an agreemnt to support Tym and shoot down Yush and all its MPs will act and vote accordingly. And Tym has to mind her orange supporters at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Anon - I really would be interested in the following 1) what you have against Tymo? and 2) whom do you support?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I don't know - I don't have enough information to tell and actually it's not any of my business - just carried on watching. Tym for some reason gets a much too easy ride in nearly all of the english articles and nobody ever questions them. Journalism and even academic writing is so bad it should be read carefully. The anti-comments are thrown out to be argued with (or maybe there're just not worth it and the journalism is ok).