Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cynical VR deputies

For many years parliamentary deputies have cynically bent the rules when voting in the VR by circumventing the constitutional requirement of personal voting by every legislator. Multiple voting by deputies is an everyday occurence.

Yulia Tymoshenko has often condemned such callous disregard of their responsibilities by deputies, even suggesting, in a proposed VR procedure ammendment in 2006, that a fingerprint voting system be introduced.

On 28th December last year, the Tymoshenko revised budget for 2008 was passed in the VR with the aid of 8 Communist votes, even though there were fewer than 200 deputies present for the vote, far below the 226 required to pass any legislation.

Tymoshenko herself was elected PM by a show of hands because the VR voting system was deemed to be unreliable, but now BYuT are in power, dignified parliamentary voting procedures [and plans for biometric data verification] can be quietly forgotten. What breathtaking, bare-faced cheek..


elmer said...

Tymoshenko says that her govt has fulfilled 36 of the "Breakthrough" (прорив) program promises.

Do you believe her?

As far as absentee voting - that is a time-honored tradition in many legislatures around the world, so that the legislators can "do more work." Normally, the consent of a particular legislator is given to another one to vote a certain way.

In Ukraine, "bending the rules" is a given - it's the first instinct of people who grew up in a sovok system where getting around the rules and keeping under the radar was the way to survive in a broken system.

Until the system in Ukraine is fixed, and until people finally believe it is fixed - this kind of stuff will continue to happen.

At least there was no walkout, as had been promised by the PoR.

DLW said...

DLW's Dictum,

If you lower your expectations then occasionally you might be surprised.

Corollary: This especially holds true for politicians, the weather in MN and Econometric estimates...


Anonymous said...

in connection with the "if they're our corrupt practices then they're simply not corrupt" theme:- there's an interesting item on euroasian security review (don't know how reliable they are)which reads: "SBU colonel who mysteriously lost 7.5 kg of herion to become tax inspector of odessa area". Why? because he has patronage of a BYUT Rada member and in any case Turnichov is staffing the tax inspectorate with his old SBU buddies.

as for the Yulia Post it's completely infatuated or being paid for by someone - there's nothing tough about what's she's done so far - tough usually means doing something not so popular for the sake of the country's future benefit eg: some structural reforms which don't have immediate money in the pocket benefits.

UkrToday said...

Yoou should also check out this video of US Democracy at work.