Friday, July 25, 2008

Presidential website becoming a rag

Head of President Yushchenko's secretariat, Viktor Baloha, continues his risible criticism of PM Yuliya Tymoshenko in a recent posting on the President's official website.

He accuses the PM of working actively with PoR head, Viktor Yanukovych: "for the purpose of gaining advantages in the future presidential elections." In his opinion, Tymoshenko and Yanukovych: "frequently operate in a tactical tandem, despite their declared irreconcilable differences".

Baloha claims that: "It is quite likely that there will be joint voting [in the VR] by the ByuT and 'Regiony' fractions for a new Constitution."

"This strange union between the ruling coalition and the opposition has a wholly prosaic explanation: the dream of both Y. Tymoshenko and V Yanukovych for the presidential post. Both political forces cheer themselves in the hope that together they may achieve the acceptance of beneficial decisions for themselves. These calculations are also made in order to gain some kind of advantages in relationships with the current head of state. However, such a construct is illusory...It is not worth expecting that [these kind] of anomalous tandems can sway President Yushchenko's positions or obstruct him to embody his declared path for the country's development, economic reform and social changes which can provide an improved [living] standard for people," said Baloha.

Baloha [concerning her recent visits to Poland, and particularly Russia] continues : "She made generous promises...of co-operation in [areas of] sensitive interest with the two neighbouring states, particularly in economics. The aims of such assurances is the search for support in future elections in exchange for substantial dividends after victory."

"It is clear that Y. Tymoshenko right now is trying to run the country as [if it were] her own dacha. On her foreign visits, without batting an eyelid, she promises her foreign interlocutors that what they are interested in. The prime minister is not greatly concerned that these promises should coincide with the interests of Ukraine. After all, personal plans and ambitions are above all!"

As further evidence of Tymoshenko's presidential ambitions Baloha cites incessant attempts by her to place under her personal control international economic projects, started without participation of the KabMin. This, he claims, is necessary in order to change their participants and introduce 'friendly' companies, giving them prefence in exchange for their political and financial support. The benefits from such exchange are intended to fund the BYuT leader's presidential campaign.

LEvko says the President and PoR have been sniffing one another's **** for many months in the hope of forming the fabled broad coalition. But when BYuT and Regiony, the two biggest political forces in the country, speak to one another, this is considered an 'abnormal tandem'.

There is no evidence provided on the Presidential site to support the serious allegations mentioned above. Well over a thousand of Ukraine's brightest work at the President's Secretariat - they should be able to produce more than this kind of political agitprop. Baloha's desperate comments are not worthy of a nation's Presidential website.


Anonymous said...

It almost seems as if Baloha, the little punk-thug, is undermining Yushchenko, to the extent that Yushchenko has any credibility left at all, so that Baloha himself can run for president.

After all, Baloha did just form and start up the "United Center" political party, did he not?

Anonymous said...

Tymoshenko's working with the opposition is quite evident with her recent appointment of Communist Party members Vasyl Marmazov to the post of the deputy internal affairs minister, while Mykola Tymoshenko was appointed to the post of the head of the State Committee on Forestry. Instead of Badmouthing Baloha, you should open your eyes to whats really going on in Ukraine, and the true motives of Tymoshenko.

Anonymous said...

Full support for any efforts to piss-off Yushchenko.

Last time I look at the President's site they still had an out dated version of Ukraine's constitution published.

Seriously know one take Yushchenko seriously any more. He is a lame duck president and the best thing he could do would be to take a walk to the top of the mountain and not come down.

He should resign and be remembered in disgrace as opposed top struggle to the end and be seen as a total loser and a failed President.

LEvko said...

As PM and leader of the second-largest VR fraction, Tymoshenko can seek links and co-operate with any other fraction she wishes, including the largest, particularly if the aim is to improve the current Constution. Nothing wrong with this at all.

The point I was trying to make was that the Presidential website is not the place to conduct the next Presidential election campaign and for bad-mouthing probable opponents. Baloha's comments should not have appeared there.

They should have been posted either on the 'Yedyniy Tsentr' site, on Yushchenko's personal site, or on the NUNS site, if they would have run it, or similar. Yushchenko's lack of authority in NUNS was demonstrated by their failure to support PoR's no confidence motion in the VR recently.

The posting on the Presidential website was blatant misuse of 'adminresurs'. Unfortunately most Ukrainian politicians just don't get this.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that when Tymoshenko engages in corrupt practices with the Communist Party you call it entitlement, when 'Rumours' of cooperation between OUN and PoR arise you call it a quest for a 'Wide Coalition' and bad mouth the President to no end. Interesting indeed. As for the article posted on the Presidents site, it reports on Tymoshenko's antics which directly affect the day to day operations of the Government, as such is completely acceptable to be published there.

Anonymous said...

Yushchenko gave a carefully orchestrated quarterly press conference on July 24th -- the title of the Kommersant article on the event ( ) fits with the continued communications war between the two:

Viktor Yushchenko gave statements not for the press // but for Yulia Tymoshenko

One source in the secretariat, elaborating on Yushchenko's comments, told Kommersant that during Yulia's last visit to Moscow, she made several promises to Putin in return for their support of her presidential ambitions.

From the article:

"'We know of three promises, one of which is to not allow the switch to an averse [south to north] direction for the Odessa-Brody pipeline,' according to the source. 'In exchange for this, Putin will support Tymoshenko in the 2010 presidential election.'

'Two other promises,' in the words of a presidential secretariat representative, concern the integration of Ukraine into NATO and the stationing of Russia's Black Sea fleet in Crimea."

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why Ukrainian politicians are running to Putin for "support" in UKRAINIAN elections?

And what such "support" would entail?

This is bizarre - in order to get elected in UKRAINE, a UKRAINIAN politician has to run to Maskva to get "support" from Vlad Dracul Putin?

I should think that one runs to the people of UKRAINE for support, not to Vlad Dracul Putin.