Tuesday, November 18, 2008

But me no buts..

I can recommend an hour-long BBC2 'This World' video documentary on 'The world's biggest arms dealer - The man that armed the world' a.k.a 'Merchant of death' - Viktor Anatolyevich Bout

Any relation to NUNS [NS] deputy, Yuriy Anatolyevich But, who in June this year, along with a BYuT deputy, walked out of the democratic coalition in the VR, turning it into a minority coalition? Or maybe not? [Check out this last (English language) link for info on some of the more mysterious characters elected into the VR]

In her excellent series of articles in 'Oboz' on Ukraine's arms barons, Tetyana Chornovil claims that officially the country accounts for about 2% of the world's arms trade - but unofficially this figure can be multiplied by five..

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