Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Splits in NUNS widen

Representatives of six of the nine political forces that form NUNS have responded to President's statements that NUNS deputies do not want to renew the democratic coalition with BYuT, and that parliamentary elections remain the only way out of the crisis.

They declared: "We, the leaders of the majority of the political forces on which the NUNS bloc and fraction is based, are extremely surprised by the president's assertion about "the absence of trust in Yulia Tymoshenko" and about the disinclination of the NUNS fraction to return to the democratic coalition."

They accuse the NUNS leadership of avoiding party meetings because: "the puppet-masters from Bank Street [pres's secretariat] are fearful that at the first sitting of the fraction a decision will be approved to return the fraction to the ranks of the democratic coalition.. We yet again responsibly declare that the coalition of democratic forces in parliament should, and must be renewed in a matter of hours. For this only one thing is required - the wish and politicial will of the president." The signatories of the declaration "call on the president to cease his motiveless attacks against the government, the PM, and the coalition of democratic forces, particularly today, when the country needs unity to meet the challenges to Ukraine from the world financial crisis."

So...big trouble in the NUNS camp..

PM Tymoshenko, in light of the world economic crisis, today called for talks between the Federation of Ukrainian Trade Unions, employers' organisations and the government. "The world has never experienced such a shock, so today, appreciating the true situation, it is necessary to discuss how we can find mutual understanding," she said.

Yesterday that had been talk of a country-wide strike by the Federation if the government representatives refused to talk to them about measures to ameliorate the effects of the crisis.

p.s. The best translation I can provide of Mykola Azarov's comment to Tymoshenko during Friday's TV debate was: "First of all I would like to say, as a women, personally, I like you [nravitisya] very much....[guffaw's of laughter in the studio..close-up of Yatsenyuk, the pres. Yanuk] there’s no need for the accusation that our faction does not like you.." [See a video clip of this here ] I think Tymoshenko was really taken aback by this. An experienced politician like her should be able to cope easily with this type of comment - normally she is quick-witted enough to give as good as she gets, or better; sometimes using double entendres. Maybe she wanted to play the 'wronged victim role' which she does well, or maybe was just having an off-day.


Anonymous said...

So it looks like Yushchenko has been lying again and not only does he not represent Ukraine but he also does not represent the views of his own political party.

It would not surprise me that Yatsenyuk, who is vising the USA in an emergency meeting, is being asked "Will you take on the role of President? Our boy Yushchenko has proven a liability and we think he should resign and that you, as the next on line, should take over the Presidency".


Anonymous said...

quote]The majority of subjects « Our Ukraine – National self-defense » Yulia Tymoshenko's Block is the unique strategic partner, the coalition government enjoys our trust, and there are no worthy alternatives of a democratic coalition.[/quote]

So Yushchenko "bluff" and strategic blunder is come undone and he is facing a rebelion amongst the troops. Looks like they realise that if he continues down the path he has taken they realise that they will lose their parliamentary seats and representation and that they will be left holding the "dead" baby. I guess the question is will push come to shove and if need be will they call on Yushchenko to stand aside and allow Yats to take over.

The writing is on the wall Yushchenko has lost all respect of those around him. He should do what Hitler did when faced with obvious defeat. He has already committed political suicide, no one can or will be prepared to work with him.He gambled with Ukraine's security and lost. If he does not resign they may have to oust him

As long as a majority of the Parliament maintains confidence in Yulia she has the right to continue to govern.

Yushchenko has not only turned himself into the laughing stock of the country but has brought Ukraine itself into disrepute,. The man has clearly lost all authority or claim to represent Ukraine.

December 14 is fast approaching and no one seems to be taking Yushchenko seriously anyway. Not even Party of Regions are taking a strong stand. They are just sitting back and watching Yushchenko make a complete fool of himself again.

Anonymous said...

Here's my question:

Are they fighting because Yushchenko doesn't want Tymoshenko to be a viable presidential candidate?

Or is there something more?

Are the fighting because Tymoshenko and Lutsenko and others finally seem to be going after corruption - and that cuts into the wealth and power of the people in the Party of Regions whom Yushchenko seems to be courting?

What are they fighting about - just a presidential election, well in advance of a presidential election?

Or is there something else and something more?

Anonymous said...

If you look closer you will discover that the root top the problem is that a majority of Parliamentarians(including Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko) want to see Ukraine adopt a European Parliamentary model of governance where Yushchenko wants to cling on to power and prestige of a Soviet style Presidential system

AS good interview between the BBC Hard talk and Hryhoriy Nemyria (Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister is to be found here

Anonymous said...

Are you sure?

I don't think they care about the form of government at all, as long as the "political elite" can remain in place.

That's why there is still blanket immunity for parliament.

That's why there is NOT "one law for all."

That's why there are still party lists, and no campaign finance reform - one buys one way onto the party lists.

That's why they still buy elections, either through use and abuse of government money, or in other ways.

That's why each set of blocs and parties has its own set of oligarchs and paid front men.