Sunday, January 04, 2009

The truth behind Ukraine's and Russia's gas charade

If you really want to know about the annual Russia-Ukraine 'gas conflict' read this brilliant blog by Jerome a Paris.


elmer said...

It is an absolutely brilliant article.

It buttresses what has been pointed out previously on the La Russophobe blog:

That rooshan and Ukrainian oligarchs are still joined at the hip, and they have no loyalty except to their own pockets.

It is corrupt as all hell, and, as Yushchenko said, "corruption is killing Ukraine."

All for the sake of Firtash and Fursin, 2 thug oligarchs.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm no wiser at the end of it. The only thing he says is that its not between the governments or countries but between oligrachs and factions. But the fact the business is very murky and involves intermediaries is nothing new - but now if you know something we don't tell us who's against who and why it's flared up now, for instance we already know Tym was involved in the gas business but what is she upto now? Also working in an office of a gas company he claims that no payment was ever made by Ukraine to Russia - but is he in a position to know that? And when he says Yush was, in the past more pro-Russian than Yanuk - well it's possible but at that point since there's no reason given and it goes against everything i know i start to wonder.

Gene said...

Thanks for the link. In addition, there are other links where one can learn more about this situation. I highly recommednd reading.

elmer said...

Here is a very, very interesting take on the whole mess:

Ukraine can do without rooshan gas.

And there are no accurate gas meters that can measure the actual amount of gas!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether one believes the article or not, I think one point is very well taken - getting rid of RosUkrEnergo will be a major blow to corruption in Ukraine, and it will expose who really has been involved in corrupt gas schemes.

This article does not reflect it, but one example - Petro Yushchenko, the president's brother, who, it's been alleged, controls Ukraine's Naftohaz.

Anonymous said...

Allegations just fly in Ukraine and no matter how unlikely they just don't crash land as they should. The energy minister and Nafto were appointed by Tym so PY would have to be an absolute genuis somehow to still have control over the national gas company. But maybe PY and Tym are actually secretly in league with each other, skimming of billions and whole public warof Tym with VY is just a smokescreen. The possibilities are endless.