Friday, May 15, 2009

Will Frankfurters forward film evidence?

423 VR deputies have today overwhelmingly voted to recommend the Cabinet of Ministers temporarily suspends Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko pending a parliamentary investigation of last week's melee involving the minister at Frankfurt airport. [See previous blogs] PM Tymoshenko says she will follow the VR's recommendation and suspend Lutsenko.

Lutsenko's press secretary Inna Kysil, commenting on the events surrounding the boss's behaviour at the airport airport today said: "We really want video recordings from the airport security system to appear [in the hands of] Ukrainian journalists - in this way all the 'i's will be dotted and 't's crossed. Then there will be fewer questions for the minister, and less manipulation by politicians. But we have not recieved an answer to our requests for transfer of this video."

I mentioned the importance of video evidence in last Thursday's blog.


Anonymous said...

Report from Kyiv Post:

He said that the incident at the airport had harmed the Ukrainian government's reputation.

"I know that I am guilty as I couldn't restrain my emotions... I realize that I did serious damage to the government's reputation," Lutsenko said.

So much for the set up conspiracy.....

elmer said...

Ukrainian Pravda is reporting that the Frankfurt prosecutors have dropped the case against Lutsenko and his son.

Anonymous said...

What is the crime? He was not arrested. Yes itis bad form and should have been handled much better. It really is a storm in a bear cup. How many people are drunk on planes? If anything the airlines should ban the sale and consumption of alcohol on a plan. How many times I have seen foreigners, US expats and Ukrainians alike drunk early in the morning or whilst on a flight. Maybe the minister should just undergo anger management training?