Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BBC report on Ukrainian agriculture

Do not miss an excellent report from BBC's 24th August 'Newsnight' program on Ukrainian agriculture, and how western companies are moving in. A summary here

The report can be watched via this link here and available for just a few of days or so..

Beautifully filmed and edited too..


Anonymous said...

In the long run Ukraine will be the loser. Yes they get the benefits of improved technology and high tech agriculture along with the taxes that might be paid, but the profit and wonershi0p will leave the country worst off.

Along with new technology also comes chemical and genetic agriculture

Ukraine has the opportunity to become Europe's organic "Farm" and if it gets it right will become a premium producer of organic products. Allow the multi-nationals to buy up the farm and it is left with the bread crumbs that fall of the combine harvester.

Anonymous said...

Missing form the report is the terms of the lease agreement and the process that was undertaken to secure the lease in the first place.

How much is landcom paying the owners of the land for their lease and is the fee subject to rise and fall costs of inflation over time?

What is the profit and cost to the land quality itself? Could we be seeing the beginning of the great Eastern European dust storm?