Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

Watch, President Medvedev, the man in black, deliver a beligerent 5 minute video [with English subtitles], set against a balmy evening seascape, in which he describes the rapid deterioration of Russian/Ukrainian relations: here

What is it with these Russian height-challenged testosterone-charged men?

Reminds me of this old British advert for Cadbury's chocolates

Maybe fearing that his boss may have overstepped the mark, deputy head of the Kremlin's administration Aleksey Gromov says today that Dmitriy Medvedev's statement on the bad blood between Moscow and Kyiv was not directed against the Ukrainian people, but only against President Victor Yushchenko personally. [Whipping a dead horse then..]

Turning off gas supplies in the midst of winter was not directed at Ukraine's population either, I suppose..

p.s. The man in black, with Yanukovych and Putin, possibly chewing Cadbury's chocolates here


Anonymous said...

You really need to update your blog to the latest blogger version.

Also try setting the width of images to 100% ("width=100%; height=auto")

UkrToday said...

An interesting statistical breakdown on Ukraine's Foreign Investments.

Source: KyivPost

The top ten investors accounting for over 81% of Ukraine's overall FDIs were:

1. Cyprus ($8.064 billion),
2. Germany ($6.531 billion),
3. the Netherlands ($3.717 billion),
4. Austria ($2.490 billion),
5. the United Kingdom ($2.330 billion),
6, Russia ($2.125 billion),
7. France ($1.573 billion),
8. the Untied States ($1.369 billion),
9. the British Virgin Islands ($1.324 billion),
10. Sweden ($1.259 billion).

Even more interesting is if you compare this level of investment on a per capita basis. The US would be at the bottom of the list.

elmer said...

Cyprus is at the top because a lot of Ukrainian oligarchs shipped money out of Ukraine and into Offshore accounts there.

The British Virgin Islands are on that list for the same reason.

Russian oligarchs team with Ukrainian oligarchs for "sweet" insider deals in Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

What's more interesting is that Cyprus is the highest foreign investor, suggesting that Cyprus is the favorite country for Russian money laundering along with the British Virgin Islands