Saturday, September 05, 2009

BBC radio report on Donbass Arena opening ceremony

Listen to a 5-minute BBC Radio 4 "From Our Own Correspondent report, broadcast on Saturday 5th September 2009, on last weekend's opening ceremony at the new Schaktar Donetsk Arena here. The report starts about 7 minutes into the 30 minute-long audio clip.

Also worth watching is Shaktar's official video of the event here


elmer said...

The BBC report is indeed very good.

Yushchenko gets booed - for speaking Ukrainian in Ukraine. At the end of his speech, he gets grudging applause.

Yanukovych, who was one of the chief engineers and participants in the presidential election of 2004, leading to the Orange Revolution, and who spent time in jail (his records have mysteriously "disappeared") is a candidate for president, cheered by the morons in the Donbass region.

And Rinat Akhmetov, who stole his money by robbing and pillaging Ukraine, is the recipient of a lot of worship for building a stadium and hiring Brazilians to play soccer.

And the recipient of requests for money, for the upcoming elections.

Which only glaringly points out how totally screwed up the campaign system is in Ukraine, and that the government of Ukraine is of, by and for oligarchs.

But in the Donbass area, the idiots like it that way.

What a screwed up country.

Anonymous said...

Yushchenko was booed because he has screwed up the country. he has less then 3% support making him the least supported head of state in the world.

If you take time to look at the elections stats you will also realise that 8% of the country lives in Donetsk or which 90% support Party of regions.

Yushchenko is not just disliked in Donetsk but all over Ukraine. And it has little to do with the fact that he spoke Ukrainian. Nice try

elmer said...

The country was screwed up before Yuschenko became president. It was screwed up by Kuchma and the Party of Regions, and all of that ilk, and all of the mafiosos in the Donbass area.

Yushchenko has low ratings because he failed to live up to the promises he made during the Orange Revolution.

And, in the Donbass area, where Yanukovych does not know whether he is Ukrainian or rashan, and where people still don't know whether they are Ukrainian or rooshan, and where Yanuk's proposal to make rooshan an official state language is eagerly lapped up by the morons in Donbass, Yushchenko is also booed for daring to speak Ukrainian in Ukraine.

The mines in Donbass, owned by the Party of Regions, are the second most dangerous in the world, behind China.

Yet the morons in Donbass still keep voting for the same old "Ivan Ivanoviches" that own the mines that kill them.

Thanks to a screwed up sovok/rooskie mentality.

But Yanuk still has his opulent mansion, Mezhihirya, and his wealth, and Zviahilsky and all the other Party of Regions mafiosos still have their mines and money.

And Akhmetov pays Brazilians millions of dollars to run around after a soccer ball - while the miners in Donbass keep dying.