Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poisoners in Russia, claims Yushchenko

The last edition of the "Sunday Times" informs its readers that "President [Yushchenko] claims Kremlin is shielding his would-be killers"

Good job it was dioxin and not polonium..


Anonymous said...

Five years on and there is a lots of conflicting information. If they wanted to assonate Yuschenko then surely there would have been more efficient means of assignation.

I would like to add my support to the suggestion that Ukraine hold an independent open judicial inquiry onto the allegations of poisoning along the lines of a Coroners hearing or the investigation into Princess Dianna's death.

Maybe they could ask Geoffrey Robinson to conduct the inquiry.

News said...

Kyivpost 19 September, 2009 14:31

Ukrainian prosecutor says evidence was falsified in Yushchenko poisoning case

High-ranking officials from the presidential secretariat and family members of Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko falsified evidence in his poisoning case, according to Larysa Cherednichenko, head of the department for supervision over investigations into criminal cases of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office.

In her report to the prosecutor general, Cherednichenko accused some officials close to Yushchenko, led by his wife Kateryna, of interfering with the investigation and try to hide the "artificiality" of the fact of the poisoning, which is believed to have taken place when Yuschenko ran for president.

"As [Davyd] Zhvaniya [member of the Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense faction of the Ukrainian parliament, who has more than once denied Yuschenko's poisoning] said, the victim had blood samples taken from him in September-October 2004 with help from an Austrian doctor. However, the samples were not studied in Ukraine or another European country. They were secretly taken to the U.S., where they were enriched with dioxin and were later taken to the UK with help from the U.S. special services. Those blood samples were sent by the administration of the Austrian clinic Rudolfinerhous to expert establishments, which found dioxin," Segodnya quoted Cherednichenko as saying.