Friday, April 23, 2010

Phobia- and complex-ridden president

In Great Britain the current parliamentary election campaign is in full swing and in two weeks time parliamentary elections will take place. The biggest and most interesting stories in the media so far have been about the relative performance of the main parties' leaders in absorbing, hotly contested, full-blooded and lively televised debates.

I cannot but think back to the recent Ukrainian presidential elections, and Yanukovych's pathetic refusal go head-to-head in a television debate against his rival Tymoshenko ...he has no balls at all..what an ***hole..

Speaking of medical conditions, why is it that Yanukovych needs an ambulance to be constantly available wherever he goes?

As his multi-vehicle high-speed convoy taking him to the airport sped through closed-off Kyiv roads several days ago his ambulance was left some distance behind. In its attempt to catch up it crashed into a taxi, killing its driver and seriously injuring its two passengers, one of whom may have been a pregnant woman. [see previous blogs] Why the mad rush?

Several years ago the British prime minister Tony Blair and his Chancellor of the Exchequer [minister of finance] - now PM, Gordon Brown, visited the office headquarters of a large trade union situated on a busy main road about 100 metres from where your blogger lives. Although the visit was unannounced I saw several police and a film crew hanging about before the visit so I waited around too. Both of the VIP visitors arrived in a Jaguar limo which was escorted by a large 4x4 filled with plain-clothed security guys and a minibus filled with special patrol group police officers. Another minibus filled with police was parked discretely in an adjacent back-street. The PM and his minister drove up from a local airport in the normal road traffic stream - no sirens, flashing lights or anything like that. As they entered the building they chatted briefly, in a relaxed manner to some of the onlookers.

A few years before that I saw the late Lady Diana during her visit to a children's nursery in a run-down part of a neighbouring town. Again, no fuss, no big cavalcade or stopped traffic..

It' s probably true to say the more arrogant and despotic the leader of a country is, the bigger his escorting convoy of vehicles..Yanik should think about this a while...did he really need that ambulance?

Former PoR deputy and former close adviser to Yanukovych Taras Chornovil in a piece in 'U.P. has described the president as a phobia- and complex-riddled man terrified of assassination and public humiliation This may explain some of his behaviour.

Oh, and killing an innocent road user is seriously bad hex for him for the future...

WSJ reports this week's Medvedev-Yanik gas-for-Black Sea port deal thus: " [It] will allow Russia to keep a strategic military presence beyond its borders until 2043, a quarter-century beyond the end of its current lease for the naval base on Ukraine's Crimean peninsula. [While] Ukraine, hit hard by the global economic downturn, received a waiver of export taxes that will knock as much as 30% off the price of Russian gas over the next nine years."

What happens after the nine year period ends, which, surprise surprise, coincides with what could be the end of president Yanukovych' second term in office?

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