Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yanik's cockeyed logic

At the Council of Europe on Tuesday a representative from Luxembourg asked president Yanukovych: "It seems that in Ukraine, a process of heroization of Stalin, and increasingly, a return to the Soviet interpretation of the Second World War, is taking place. Could this trend be supported by your Government too, and particularly by the Minister of Education? What are you doing, Mr. President, to stop this most disturbing process?"

In response Yanukovych assured those present that the Minister of Education's position fully complies with his own.

"These views are also radical, but one cannot not take account of holders of such views and ideas," said Yanukovych.

A Finnish representative asked Yanukovych about the Holodomor famine. Yanukovych replied: "These were the consequence of Stalin's totalitarian regime - this was recognised by all countries where the Holodomor took place..."

So he accepts Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions of Ukrainian citizens' forebears - but it's o.k. to permit the erection of statues to Stalin and 'take account of the views and ideas' of those proposing such commemorative acts..

What a hero...

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elmer said...

What do you expect from an illiterate country bumpkin sovok relic?

Here's an excellent analysis of the gas-for-fleet plus side deals barter agreement: