Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nerdy Nestor's telephones

Ukrainian Emergencies Minister Nestor Shufrich showing off his collection of antique telephones? [From U.P.]

Maybe these guys could be of help...Allo?.... Allo?

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elmer said...

As Peter Maha put it on the Savik Shuster Show recently:

нестор гімнописець

Ukrainians will know what that means and why it was said.

This odious little crooked twit decided to re-write the hymn of Ukraine.

Prior to that, during the Orange Revolution, he was busy writing all sorts of nonsense in court during Yushchenko's efforts to prove election falsification.

In Ukrainian history, there is a famous chronicler whose name, transliterated, is:

"Nestor Leetopisets"

or, very roughly, Nestor the History Writer.

So, during the Orange Revolution, people made a play on words and began calling Shufrych:

"Nestor Skarhopisets"


Nestor Writer of Complaints

a skarha (скарга) being a gripe or a complaint.

Recently, the odious twit decided that he would re-write the Ukrainian National Anthem.

So Peter Maha made yet another play on words.

In Ukrainian, the word for hymn is --- hymn (гимн).

But the word for shit is heemno, (гімно).

If you are writing a hymn, the word is

hymnopisets - гимнописець

but if you are writing shit, the word is

heemnopisets - гімнописець

So Peter took the liberty of changing one letter in Ukrainian, and it turns out that this little jerk is "Nestor the Writer of Shit" - which fits.

Нестор Гімнописець

It also fits the Party of Regions.

"We pretend to work effectively, and we force people to pretend that they believe we are working effectively."