Friday, May 28, 2010

Rubber stamp parliament?

Russian 'piano players' in action here and here

Ukraine's parliament is not much better when it comes to illegal absentee voting even though Article 84 of the country's constition is very clear: "Voting at the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is performed by a National Deputy of Ukraine in person"

How can Ukrainians, or any foreign investor for that matter, have any confidence in laws passed by the country's fundamental law-making institution when it's members have such a cynical disregard for the rule of law?

p.s. The Italians do it with a bit more class..


elmer said...

Oh, geez, you guys missed the whole point - Ukrainian democracy is SO MUCH MORE ADVANCED!!!!!

Ukrainian Pravda long ago carried pictures of the "piano players."

But in Ukraine, you can't just push a button - you have to insert a voting card into a slot ---- and HOLD it there for 9 seconds, or something like that.

That PROVES that Ukrainian democracy is MUCH more advanced. :-)

Anonymous said...

As an Englishman, I'm the first to criticise the anachronisms of the British Constitution and Parliament, but now I understand the value of the voting system wherein members must physically walk to the respective lobby to be counted, and that the count must be agreed by government and opposition.
(At least, that's what I think they do.)