Sunday, May 02, 2010

Strange day for the Yanukovychs

Serhiy Leshchenko of U.P., in his article about president Yanukovych's visit to the PACE headquarters in Strasbourg last Tuesday, recalls a peculiar incident that took place as the president was entering the building's restaurant to go for lunch.

Yanukovych, escorted by his normal detail of bodyguards, felt the need to go the toilet so stopped by into one he was passing. His goons remained stationed on guard at door to make sure no-one else entered while their boss was 'doing his business'.

A moment later a smartly dressed, distinguished-looking gentleman tried to enter the toilet but was denied access by Yanukovych's dummies - they clearly were unable to understand the gentleman's appeals in English. Only after repeated requests did they finally permit him to enter.

It later turned out that the gentleman who they had impeded was Secretary General of PACE himself - Thorbjørn Jagland...he was the man that had invited Yanukovych to have lunch with him in the restaurant...

One would think that anyone who spent three and a half years relieving himself into a prison bucket in the corner of a communal cell would not be too fussed with whom he shared a public toilet... but there you go..

At the same time Yanukovych Jr. was 'roughing up' opposition deputies in the VR [see pictures here] - he's the pug-nosed, swarthy, unshaven young dude..a big lad, like his dad, must pack quite a punch..

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