Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yanukovych's schizophrenia

President Yanukovych's address to his nation today, on the Ukrainian day of remembrance in memory of victims of political repression:

"Dear compatriots!

Today is a deeply sorrowful day for Ukraine. We honor the memory of millions of our countrymen who were victims of a totalitarian regime. We remember everyone that was destroyed by the punitive system, that was imprisoned in the Gulag prisoner, or that was deprived of their family home and sent to a foreign country.

In '30-'40's of 20th century, Ukraine suffered heavy losses. Stalin's repressive machine crushed all who tried to resist. The victims could be anyone - farmer or intellectual, teacher or engineer, scientist or worker.

It was a time of disillusionment, despair and hopelessness. Those who died can be best honoured by our memory and prayer, and those who survived the terrible years - by daily care.

We express our sympathy to all nations who have experienced terror regimes. Let our common memory be a pledge that similar tragedies are never repeated.

Viktor Yanukovych"

So why the nonchalant attitude to the erection of statues in honour of Stalin by PoR's Communist coalition partners? Is it because their co-operation is required in high-level corrupt schemes?

What are "those who survived the terrible years" supposed to think?


elmer said...

I think this falls in line with a new rationalization.

"Holodomor just happened, it was a terrible tragedy."

Look at what just happened. Today, May 17, Yanukovych and Medvedev, starting out Medvedev's visit in Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv, went together to lay wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - a sovok monument.

And then to lay wreaths at a monument to victims of Holodomor.

How could this have happened, when the prior Kremlin doxology was that Russia was the rightful successor to the sovok union, and that stalin is a hero?

Well, you transform the Holodomor from a deliberate planned murder by famine, deliberately planned and implemented by stalin and Kaganovich and his henchmen, into an accidental tragedy of history.

Presto, bingo - "oopsie, millions of people starved to death, it just happened."

On the other hand, could this be a serious change in attitude by the Kremlin, throwing off their authoritarian, sovok past?

I doubt it. Gazprom is trying to buy up all of the former sovok republics, and Europe, by all means possible, including bribery.

Is it any surprise that Yanuk is schizoid?

I don't think so - first, he's not that bright. Second, sovoks thrived on schizophrenia - all one had to do is announce official propaganda. No matter what the reality, the official propaganda made it so.

Hence the saying, with regard to sovok newspapers "Izvestia" (the News) and "Pravda" ( the Truth - not to be confused with today's Ukrainian Pravda" -

There is no izvestia in Pravda, and there is pravda in Izvestia.

Anonymous said...

One more thing -

Talk about schizoid ------

why are these soldiers goose-stepping, nazi style!!!!???????

May 17, 2010- memorial wreaths from Ukraine and Russia during Medvedev's visit to Ukraine