Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote - then tea and biscuits, on the house

'U.P' and others report that today president Yanukovych, during a conference with oblast governors, urged local authorities to "create a festive mood," for citizens on Sunday, the day of national local elections.

"I would like for us think about the people on this day, organize, as always, a festive mood for people at each polling station," said the president.

"Where there is a possibility, at polling stations where such conditions have been prepared, to arrange catering facilities so that people see that the government is thinking about them."

He stressed that this was, "Not a means of pressurising people."

"Our responsibility is to create conditions for the [voting] commission members, and for those who did not have time for a drink of tea at home, to have such an opportunity at the polling station." What a nice chap he is...

p.s. My dad clearly remembers that in the days of Stalin, on "election day", tables were frequently laid out near voting stations. Everyone casting a vote would receive a crumby 'pryanik' or a small 'konfeta'...It would be the only day when sugar was available in shops..


elmer said...

I seem to remember something about vodka as well.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a good idea. In many countries across thew western world voting us a day of community. any community organisations, schools and the like hold fates, fund raisers and other events that are inclusive, non political. It is not as though it is a war of clans. we are talking about local elections here not natinnal elections. Elections should be n event to celebrate and conncect with fellow citizens and memebrs of the local community. why not. Should it just be doom and gloom prom oting hate?