Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Computer to blame, as usual

'Lyeviy Bereg' reports: "The computer with the Kharkiv voting results at the city's Electoral Commission has burned out

The [city's] 'Obyektiv' Media Group stated that information on the last three and a half hours [counting?] has been destroyed. Commission members say that until data is restored, there will be no news on the voting results in Kharkiv [Ukraine's second largest city].

Data on the results of ballot counting has not been updated since 14.00 hours. Meanwhile, the chairman of Kharkiv Oblast State Administration Mykhailo Dobkin has already declared that his [ahem..ahem..] mate and close business partner, Hennadiy Kernes, is victor of the mayoral elections, without waiting for the count to be concluded.

Head ofthe regional headquarters of the "Batkivshchyna" opposition party, Yuriy Prav, said: "I'm surprised that even though a certain party and its people in the city's electoral committee made no small effort to falsify the Kharkiv mayoral election results, this did not help, and they had to" burn the bridges behind them."

Counting is very slow in Kharkiv - it's rumoured the electoral commission has even had to take its shoes and socks off....

p.s. Check out mayoral opposition candidate Arsen Avakov's blog for photos of the chaos, damaged sacks containing torn voting slips, and video illustrating the 'don't give a damn' attitude of guards and counters in Kharkiv.

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Anonymous said...

With all respect it is possible to give and indicatrion or declare the expected outcome of the election based ib opreliminary results. This happens all the time accross the world including the United States and European Countries. There is nothing wring and sinister in making that statement.