Friday, November 26, 2010

Rich get know about the poor..

According to a recent O.P., details of which appear in 'Segodnya':

10,5% of Ukrainian families do not have enough money, even for food. 41,2% have enough money for food, but have find it difficult to buy clothes or shoes. Almost all Ukrainians, 96,7%, are worried, in varying degrees, about rising prices.

46% of those questioned believe that the culprits responsible for the current skyrocketing prices are both the current and the previous administrations in equal measure. The proportion of citizens who believe that price inflation is the more the fault of the current government than the previous government is 21.9%. 16.2% think that the previous government is more to blame.

In contrast, president Yanukovych, not content with building himself a clubhouse at Mezhyhirya, which could cost an eye-watering $200M, and acquiring a private Monaco - in Crimea , 'Segodnya' also reports a 'grandiosnyi remont' has been taking place at the ugly 'Synyohora' state dacha in the Carpathian mountains for over a month, so that the president may spend his Christmas and New Year vacation there.

Cranes, concrete mixers and excavators are working flat-out, and locals are peeved that just men from Poland other parts of Ukraine are being employed. Granite, stone, concrete and pipes are being delivered, and new plumbing and wiring is being installed. Unofficially everything is being payed for by 'biznesmyeny'...

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