Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ever-quickening steps backward

Dmytro Salamatin, one of the most violent of the PoR deputies involved in the premeditated, vicious assault on a handful of BYuT deputies who were staging an after-hours parliamentary sit-in on the night of 16th December last year, has been appointed general director of the State arms company "UkrBoronProm" by Presidential ukaz.

Earlier in last year he had broke the nose of another opposition deputy..he's the half-crazed one leading the charge in this video ..Heaven help us all...

Perhaps only a president with a deeply violent, criminal past would not be embarrassed to make such an appointment...but just a little warning for Yanukovych and his administration - Belarus president Lukashenko and many of his cronies are to be placed on an EU visa ban list..

And I liked this from Vitaliy Portnikov, writing about ever-increasing repression of oppositionists in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

"But fear amongst the ruling authorites in a state where information is sterilized is often generated for irrational reasons. Those at the top frequently distrust their our own environment which assures them of their opponents' weakness. They does not believe it when television shows protests against them to be insignificant and to have little support, because they themselves control the TV. They do not believe the official voting figures, because they themselves gives instructions as what these figures are to be. So even a weak enemy may appear to them as a real giant.

And so there is generated a desire to punish and to intimidate - quite natural for of a person who has everything, but is afraid even of his own shadows. This is how the post-Soviet space has been transformed into a country called Arrestantia..."

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