Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mykola Herman fatal car crash airbrushed away [almost]

For mysterious reasons, the web page from the link I provided in my posting yesterday, to the story about Hanna Herman's son, Mykola's, involvement in a car crash, has been changed. The fresh web page mentions no names, but still claims TV channels have been prevented from reporting details of this story..

Funny thing is though, the link URL is still:

i.e. "...television channels have been banned from speaking about 'big-shot' mikola german who killed three persons.html..

Update. Hanna Herman has called this story 'black PR'. "In the first place my son does not have a 'Lexus', in the second place he was in Israel at the time - this can be confirmed by his passport..."she says.

Trouble is there have been so many attempted 'cover-ups' in the past, e.g. after a vehicle in president's convoy killed a taxi-driver, after denials of assault of ByuT deputies...etc. knows what to believe..Stamps in passports can be back-dated...

But who really was driving the Lexus, if not Herman's son? Who was its registered owner? Is Herman becoming a liability - the story rather than the messenger?

"In wartime truth is so precious that she should be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Winston Churchill

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