Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bizarre soap opera

Yulia Tymoshenko's political enemies have frequently quoted the case of Iceland's former PM Geir Haarde, who was being tried in connection with his country's major banking crisis and economic collapse, as a precedent to justify trying her for abuse of power when she was prime minister. Unlike her, he received a scrupilously fair trial, has not been held in custody, has not been physically abused, and will not serve any time in prison.

The latest twists and turns - claims and counter-claims surrounding Tymoshenko's imprisonment and her medical treatment are becoming ever-more bizarre...

Grainy indistinct videos, stiletto heel shoes under the bed, visits from Berlin doctors, patient being manhandled by burly male nurses into ambulance...pseudo-concern expressed even by Russian Foreign ministry...Like something out of a John Le Carre novel..

The entire soap-opera seems to be being stage-managed by crackpot political consultants. Quite what Ukrainian floating voters make of it all is not clear, but European and North American politicians must be completely disgusted and nonplussed..As the excellent James Sherr says,"..after the enormous efforts that have been put into finding and establishing the common ground and common language with the current authorities in Ukraine, we are now at the point when nobody in Europe will believe anything said by the structures of power here."

Obviously Yanukovych and his 'banda' do not care a toss about this.

Whatever next? Will Tymoshenko be strapped into a wheelchair in the Kharkiv courtroom? Straitjacket and a bag with two holes over her head? Deary me...

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