Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ukrainians want European status symbols, not European values..

First vice prime minister Valeriy 'Mentadent'  Khoroshkovsky met foreign journalists in Brussels over breakfast on Wednesday. The main topic of conversation was, yet again, 'that woman'.

Unless political prisoners are released and allowed to participate in parliamentary elections this autumn, relations with the EU will remain frozen..The bizarre recent shenanigans in Kharkiv and upcoming rulings from the European Court of Human Rights will merely push EU-Ukraine relations deeper to the back of the freezer.

Maybe this is no big deal. Big-selling 'Segodnya' claim two thirds of its readers consider Ukraine would do better to enter into a Customs Union with Russia and Belarus because it would, allegedly improve economic growth and provide more jobs, rather that forge closer ties with the EU..European values are not that important to these guys.

The German president today cancelled his May visit to Ukraine, after a stream of critical articles in the German media, but will this make any difference to the sales of Mercedes, Gucci, Longines, Nokia, Siemens, Nestle, Nivea, Adidas etc. etc... products in Ukraine? Probably are the Europeans really bothered? They know they alone cannot halt the Yanukovych steamroller..

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Anonymous said...

If Ukraien wants to be a part of Europe then it needs to adopt Eoean values an European models of governance. both the Venice Ceommission and ace have on a number of occasions recommended that Ukraine adopt a full parliamentary model of government as did Estonia and Latvia. Ukraine wil NEVER be a free independent democratic state as long as it remains beholden to presidential rle. The EU should draft a model constitution and laws on the judiciary and make the adoption of the model a precondition of any EU membership aspirations.

25 out of 27 (soon to be 28) EU member states re governed by a Parliamentary system.

Ukraine has struggled since independence to adopt a Parliamentary system if governance. the greatest achievement of the so called Orange Revolution was the removal of presidential authority. if it was not for Yushchenko, who opposed Ukraine becoming a democratic state, Ukraine would not be in the position it now finds itself in.