Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The fear of Tymoshenko

Hanna Herman, one of Yanukovych's closest advisers, was interviewed by 'Glavkom' recently.

She was asked: "How do you assess the prospects of a united opposition? Is this alliance viable? Is it merely a joint venture for anyone who wants to enter parliament, and then everyone will go their own way?

A: Nobody will be able to unite with Yulia Volodymirivna when it comes to equal partnership. She has an authoritarian style and in principle does not accept partners, only [perhaps] as subordinates. And Yatseniuk will be a partner of Tymoshenko's only as long she does not have the power to crush him. That's all."

Herman should have explained Tymoshenko has been imprisoned for seven years - no one can unite with her - she is no longer a player on the field of battle. And according to recent statements by the deputy prosecutor-general she is probably facing two more major criminal charges, including involvement in several killings - in a country where percentage acquittal rates in criminal trials are in the low single digits.

But responses such as Herman's reveal in their hearts the ruling authorities lack conviction and still have a morbid fear of Tymoshenko's influence. They know she is still setting the political agenda in Ukraine...this is why, by one means or another, Yanukovych will not allow the opposition to gain power in the October parliamentary would mean he himself would be crushed...

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