Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ready for Euros? [part 2]

Many if not most top European policians, including those of the United Kingdom, have decided to give the Ukrainian portion of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament a miss.

Ukrainian ambassador in London Khandohiy says: 'in reality no such decision has been taken by the British government' [An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country.. In this case this may only be partly true.]

As I mentioned in my previous blog, many facilities being prepared for fans from other countries are nowhere near complete. Photos of the current state of the Kyiv campsite being constructed for Swedish fans, who arrive tomorrow here

And the current state of the Khreshchatyk fan zone, complete with needlessly chopped down chestnut trees here

Expect a big stink about all of this. Negative reports are already appearing on BBC news channels and elsewhere.

I feel really sorry for the millions of Ukrainians in all parts of the country who have been looking forward for years to present their country in the best possible light and dearly want the tournament to be a success.

p.s. Top story in Friday's 'Sun' - UK's biggest selling daily:

Bigwigs boycott Euros

MPs protest over human rights 
(er, unless England reach 
the quarters)

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