Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yushchenko's shameful WSJ article

When most European and North American capitals have roundly condemned the politically motivated persecution of former prime minster Yulia Tymoshenko by president Yanukovych of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, in his WSJ opinion piece "Ukraine's Democracy Hasn't Come Of Age"  cannot find one good word for the woman without whose support during the Orange Revolution he would certainly never have become president. 

Even though international observers had adjudged the 2004 presidential elections to be fraudulent, he was ready to 'throw in the towel'. It was Tymoshenko who rallied demonstrators in Kyiv's Independence Square until the elections were re-run and Yushchenko finally elected into office. 

The EU clearly recognise the current roll-back of democracy in Ukraine - and they have had enough of Ukrainian leaders' geopolitical playing off of Europe against Russia. 

Yushchenko claims: "..democracy and the rule of law have not yet come of age [in Ukraine]. They remain fragile; the gains of the Orange Revolution could still be reversed." 

The gains  of the Orange Revolution have been reversed 'big time' in the two and one half years of Yanukovych's presidency -  Yushchenko should hang his head in shame. 


elmer said...

In the article, Yush claims that Yanusvoloch and Tymo are "cut from the same cloth."

But it is Yush and Yanusvoloch who are cut from the same cloth. Yush is simply repeating the same propaganda that Yanusvoloch and his mafia purvey in order to justify a stalinist legal system.

And their well-being revolves around Firtash and RosUkrEnergo. Yush's brother got $50 million from Firtash. And Yushchenko is now comfortably ensconced in a government mansion courtesy of yanusvoloch and his mafia.

Yush, in his rabid hatred of Tymoshenko, simply can't resist kicking a man while she's down.

Hideously shameful.

Anonymous said...

Yushcheno is discredited ipand very few people hold him in respect.

Yushchenko opposed Ukraien becoming a democratic state based on European values and European models of governance.

Yushenkos's term of office was a complete disaster, and has set back Ukraine's democratic development decades if not generations. He is the cause of the problem and not the solution.

In 2006 Yushenko and his party opposed the formation of an Orange governing colation causing the collapse of the Orange revolution.

in 2007 in the false expectaion that his party would improve their position he unconstitutionally dismissed Ukraine's previous parliament, causing seven months of political and civil unrest. His actions undermined confidence in rule of law and democratic processes. yusheko goind as far as interfering with the independence of Ukraine's Cosnitutional out in order to prevented them ruling against his dississle.

The outcome of the forced election further destabilised Ukraine . His Party Our Ukraine failed to increase their representation . Yushchenko continued to undermine political stability, eventually resulting in the demise f his own position.

in 2009 in his last year of oFfice Yushchenko initiated charges laid against Tymoshenko which resulted in her impressionment

Yushchenko consistently opposed Ukraine becoming a full parliamentary democracy. He actively supported the elctionof Yanukovych or of spite and resentment towards Tymoshenko.

Both the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Venice Commission recommended that Ukraine become a Parliamentary democracy and remove presidential authority along the lines adopted by
Estonia, Latvia and other European States.

Yushchenko once has the support of over 52%. In 2010 he lost the presidency with less than 5% he now has less than 1.5%. Such is the level of respect and confidence in his rule.

Yushenko is part or the problems that Ukraine now faces. he has never supported Ukraien becoming a part of The European Cmmunity or adopting European values or models of governance. e espouses the words of democracy yet his actions and policies are anything but democratic. He is not a leader just a failed President.