Thursday, September 27, 2012

Victims of highly-placed raiders write to Obama

The 'ORD' website describes how V.R. deputy Artem Pshonka, son of current Prosecutor-General Viktor Pshonka, is trying to seize the Mykolayiv-based 'Agrofirma Kornatskykh' agro-company by the dirtiest of means. 'ORD' call Pshonka Jr. 'raider No.1 in Ukraine'. His dad Viktor  is an old pal of Yanukovych from the bad old days in Donetsk...

The workers of the company have written a letter written to the White House, taking advantage of a recent high-power visit to the USA by Ukrainian officials, and Yanukovych's current visit to the U.N. in  New York:

U.S. President Barack Obama
By Congress and the U.S. Senate
To U.S. Attorney General


Dear President Obama,
gentlemen congressmen, senators,
Mr. Attorney General of the United States!

By you are turning the Ukrainian peasants, driven to despair by the Ukrainian authorities, whose leaders are now in the U.S.., the Ukrainian peasants, driven to despair by the Ukrainian government , whose leaders are now in the U.S.. They tell you about their domestic and foreign policy, asking for credits, offering to invest in Ukraine.

Know: everything that they tell — a complete lie, they always say one thing and do quite another. All their policies are reduced to one — a steal as much as possible, to enrich themselves through corruption and capture another’s property. Democracy, justice , freedom of speech, rights and freedoms, human rights in Ukraine this power destroyed.

Yanukovych trampled all this by creating a so-called vertical of power, which is actually organized criminal groups of civil servants. Basically what they do — stealing everything that is possible, including loans to U.S. and international banks. So again the money that you give through “kickbacks” and other criminal schemes go into the pockets of top Ukrainian leaders, and close to

Think — you by U.S. taxpayers finance the Ukrainian mafia, promotes corruption in Ukraine! Immediately criminal cases, arrested and questioned by the Ukrainian authorities, who are in the U.S., for theft in Ukraine from international and U.S. banks, the IMF, the World Bank. Obtained loans from you if you give them will help the current government also distort the results of the parliamentary elections 28.10.12, because everything exclusively all she does is aimed at their

Approximate Yanukovych, including Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Pshonka and Minister of Interior Zaharchenko , with subordinate government officials engaged in massive racketeering business, taking away from the legitimate owners of the property, funds, companies, including foreign ones. A striking example is the process of taking power “Agrofirm Kornatsky” to which we all have relation both workers and landlords.

Over two years, without exception, heads of government, but rather, all the gangsters from public administrations, inspectorates, police, prosecutors, led by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Pshonka falsify against fair nor innocent heads LLC “Agro Kornatsky ‘criminal cases arbitrarily arrested and tortured in no way guilty CFO Lyudmila Nikitkinu, almost completely paralyzed the work of the

They rigged for 15 criminal and administrative dozens of cases not investigated and not submitted to the court, because it is unfounded. The method of falsifying one case followed by another, which involved against Yulia Tymoshenko, applied to business. All Ukrainian state system works to destroy honest business and honest people.

Behold — the real policy of Yanukovych and his gang!

Moreover, pay attention, in our case — in relation to a foreign company, which is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the American-Ukrainian Business Council! Destroying operating in Ukraine, Ukrainian absolutely law-abiding business, owned by foreigners, the highest Ukrainian authorities at the same time calling other foreigners to invest and lend — do not trust and do not give because steal and plunder!

Please help us fend off criminal attacks Ukrainian authorities to release prisoner Lyudmila Nikitkinu. She is arrested for personal instruction Prosecutor General of Ukraine Pshonka to obtain, through physical and mental abuse, admissions to non-existent crimes. Woman tortured, kept in transit prison in inhuman conditions, illegally sent to misuse the court to continue the illegal arrest.

The current Ukrainian authorities all polls commit crimes against individuals, against humanity, against the state and the people. These criminals for which you want to create a special international tribunal, the Ukrainian people have therefore sincerely grateful to the international community.

Workers and landlords «Agrofirm Kornatsky »
We are waiting for answers at: village Chausovo-2, Pervomaiskyi district , Mykolayiv region, zip code 55235.

The ORD piece also includes a recent detailed 'Ukraina Moloda' article describing the persecution and arrest of Mrs Nikitin and the alleged abuse of power by the Pshonkas...

Picture of Artem Pshonka, complete with  the usual 'death stare', courtesy of 'Kyiv Post'

p.s. Following the recently-adopted US Congress resolution which threatens political sanctions against members of Ukrainian authorities for the imprisonment of  former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, rumours are spreading that some of Ukraine's top oligarchs are now beating a path to the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, pleading they are in no-way involved with the politically-motivated persecution of members of the opposition...oh, no...nothing to do with us...absolutely not... all the work of that nasty man Yanukovych...

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