Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yanuk in the Big Apple

'Segodnya' claims Yanukovych met U.S. President Obama "secretly" on Monday.

During their "personal meeting" they allegedly talked about gas  production on the Black Sea shelf.

Seems rather odd....can the meeting be confirmed or denied?

If either Obama had agreed to meet Yanuk on a basis of strict secrecy - and the story leaked, or the story is bullsh*t, then P.o.t.U.S. will be 'pissed off' either way.

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elmer said...

Try this:

What amazes me is that Zookrainians elected a goddamn moron - literally, an illiterate thug - as "president".

And that the goddamn mafiosi in Zookraine have any credence whatsoever, including their goddamn bull shit about "secret meetings."

Why on earth would any president of the US have a "secret meeting" with a goddamn criminal thug "president" of Zookraine about ANYTHING?

Especially after the US Senate just passed a UNANIMOUS resolution regarding the visas of those responsible for the political persecution of Tymoshenko?

POTUS won't be pissed off - this story doesn't merit any attention whatsoever, except in Zookraine.

The story is sovok mafia ka-ka - which is all that Zookraine has put out for the past 20 years.

Goddamn, I wish that Zookrainians would finally get rid of the sovok mafia in Zookraine.