Sunday, November 04, 2012

President struck dumb

The situation following last Sunday's parliamentary elections is rapidly spinning out of control. For the sake of a handful of disputed single mandate constituency seats, mainly in the Kyiv area, the ruling coalition are making a mockery of Ukrainian democracy [an oxymoron if ever there was one].

There is a strong possibility that the combined newly-elected opposition forces will rip up their mandates and not enter the V.R. causing a constitutional crisis, probably forcing a second election.

Where is the president? Your are supposed to be an authoritarian fixer, not an indecisive bozo!

Show some leadership!


elmer said...

I've been saying all along that "the president" is an illiterate thug.

He's not an indecisive bozo - he's just a bozo.


tear gas

special forces

lights turned off at regional election commission

altered voter lists

altered ballots

falsified vote counts

yellow buses of thugs shipped in

excruciatingly slow vote count - to allow more time for vote fraud

All of this suits him just fine.

"When in doubt - do nothing" seems to be his modus operandi.

The sovok mafia in Ukraine's criminocracy are doing everything they can to hang on to money - er, the "government", meaning their criminocracy.

The sad part of it is that there are people who, having observed the Party of Regions since at least 2004 nevertheless still voted for the sovok mafia SOB's.

(Sorry - no insult intended to SOB's.)

Anonymous said...

Where is the president you ask.

I'd say, hiding behind the skirt of Hanna Herman.

elmer said...

They took away this lady's monetary "social help" because she did not vote for the Party of Regions.

That's one of the ways the sovok mafia Regionnaires operate in Ukraine.

Video link on the page provided above